Employee Profile: Peter Bosco

Peter Bosco, Underwriting Manager for Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U.S.A.), Inc. (MSIG), Industrial & Global Property.

Peter’s career has been devoted to underwriting, particularly large property accounts including for businesses involved in manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Since joining MSIG in 2018, Peter has worked in several locations throughout the U.S including New York and Los Angeles. As an Underwriting Manager, Peter’s work primarily encompasses risk analysis and vetting insurance applications submitted by businesses seeking coverage.

Peter stresses that MSIG is a great place to work for someone who is interested in a career in underwriting because MSIG gives everyone an opportunity to grow.

“We’re a very underwriting-focused company,” Peter noted. “I mean, we really get into the technicalities of what’s involved so you are going to get some really good experience learning the fundamentals on how to underwrite and how to use it in your everyday work.”

‘You never know what you’re going to come across’

As a manager, Peter’s role at MSIG involves a variety of decision-making responsibilities including setting up budgets and reviewing strategies. What Peter most appreciates about his work is the dynamic nature of the job. Every day brings something a little bit different, from working with new clients to managing new accounts, all of which contribute to MSIG’s efforts to grow its brand and expand client offerings.

“It’s all very interesting,” Peter said. “The stuff I see, the accounts I work on, they’re all unique. They’re all very interesting kinds of exposures. It’s a broad group, depending on what the insured is doing. Like I said, MSIG keeps it very interesting. You never know what you’re going to come across.”

Peter added that with his former employer his work became “cookie cutter” at times. The work at MSIG allows him to leverage his experience in underwriting, while at the same time bringing more variety to his mix of responsibilities. Peter also understands the value to his work in maintaining authentic, high-quality client relationships, traveling frequently to Seattle, Portland, Denver, as well as throughout the New York metropolitan area.

People are the best part of MSIG

Relationships — i.e., the people — are ultimately what enticed Peter to join MSIG in the first place. From the moment he first interviewed with MSIG, he knew it was the place for him. “It’s a group of people with a lot of different backgrounds … some people with 20 plus years of experience, and newer people with only a few years of experience,” Peter observes. His experiences since then have confirmed his initial impression.

The people are also what keep him at MSIG. “I work on a really good team.,” Peter explains. “We have a really good dynamic and everyone likes what they’re doing and enjoys what they’re working on. It makes for a good environment where people are excited and want to be here. I think that’s the key: People actually like doing what they’re doing.”

Peter plans to continue doing what he loves at MSIG for many years to come.

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