Track and monitor your claims activity with fully customizable reports that place critical loss data

at your fingertips.

Loss Runs Services

MSIG USA makes it easy to keep tabs on your claims activity through our easy-to-use, highly secure Consolidated Reporting System (CRS). Also known as a loss run system, CRS empowers you to access your loss data at any time and customize the reports to suit your specific needs, so you can put the power of data to work for your business.

  • Filter reports by time period, cause, location, and other parameters.
  • Access easy-to-use reports for all policies across your enterprise.
  • Choose the report format that works best, such as PDF, Excel, or HTML.
  • Get a visual snapshot of your claims activity and losses by turning data into useful graphs or charts.
  • Glean insights that help you manage expenses, determine whether to increase or change coverage, identify a need to provide employees with improved training, or take other risk management and loss prevention measures.

Getting started is easy.

Need to set up access to our CRS for the first time? Complete this enrollment form and submit it to

Then download our Loss Runs Reference Guide for helpful instructions and tips for making the most of the system features.