Who We Are

With a long history of P&C experience, A+ ratings, expertise, and global reach across 40 countries and regions, we’re the right partner to safeguard your assets and help reduce your risks.

In a volatile and uncertain world, you need a strong insurance partner to help protect your business from the exposures you’re likely to face. That’s MSIG USA. We’re the trusted partner you can rely on to keep your business protected, no matter where you operate and no matter what tomorrow brings.

MSIG combines everything you need in a property and casualty insurer:

  • The financial strength and stability that gives you confidence we’ll be here for the long term, year in and year out
  • The creativity to address demanding risks, taking a problem-solving approach that allows us to offer coverage you may find difficult to obtain elsewhere
  • The expertise and global reach across 40 regions and countries to protect your company no matter where you do business

Take a closer look at MSIG USA.

Our rich heritage is one of our greatest strengths

MSIG USA is the US-based subsidiary of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc., one of the world’s top P&C carriers and a global Class 15 insurer, with A+ ratings and a reach that spans 40+ countries and regions. Leveraging our 350-year heritage, MSIG USA brings the financial strength, expertise, and global footprint to offer commercial insurance solutions that address your business’s unique risks.

Our own roots hark back to the 17th century to the Mitsui and Sumitomo organizations that eventually spawned two leading fire and marine insurance companies. From the businesses founded by Takatoshi Mitsui, a merchant who revolutionized Japanese business methods, and Masatomo Sumitomo, who built a vast business empire based on principles we still adhere to, our history directly influences who we are and the values that guide our organization.

Today, our organization is admitted in all P&C lines in all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. As a US-based company with a global footprint, we cover the country with 10 offices across the United States and tap into many more experts in our sister companies around the globe. In the Americas, the MSIG network reaches from Canada to Brazil, with MSIG-affiliated companies like MSI Guaranteed Weather and MS Amlin providing access to a wide range of specialty products.


We go beyond insuring against risk

MSIG USA recognizes that even the most comprehensive, customized insurance policy isn’t enough to fully protect your organization from the risk exposures you’re likely to face. And we appreciate that you expect much more from your insurance partner.

We form a long-lasting relationship with your business based on mutual trust and integrity, adhering to the highest standards, focused on reducing your unique risks and helping you prevent and recover from losses. To complement our breadth of commercial insurance solutions, we offer a wide range of in-house risk engineering services designed to assess your exposures, analyze your losses, and help prevent them from occurring.  And in the event that you experience a loss, our knowledgeable claims professionals work efficiently and diligently to resolve the claim and support you through every step of the process.

Through it all, our dedicated support team delivers the highly responsive, attentive, personalized service you should expect from your commercial insurance carrier.

Choose a P&C carrier that aligns with your values

Our Mission

To contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the earth, bringing security and safety through the global insurance and financial services business.


Our Vision

To create a world-leading insurance and financial services group that continues to seek sustainable growth and to enhance enterprise value.


Our Values

Customer-focused: We continuously strive to provide security and achieve customer satisfaction.

Integrity: We base our relationships with all stakeholders on fair and honest practices.

Teamwork: We achieve mutual growth by respecting one another’s individuality and opinions and by sharing knowledge and ideas.

Innovation: We listen to our stakeholders and continuously seek ways to improve our work and business.

Professionalism: We make continuous efforts to improve our skills and proficiency to provide high-quality services.

Diversity and Inclusion: MSIG is committed to a workplace that encourages all employees to reach their full potential. We appreciate and value ideas from a diverse work environment and want to bring every staff member’s thought, experience, and expertise to everything we do. We believe that an inclusive work environment and a sense of belonging provides an atmosphere for everyone to thrive individually and provide the best service to our customers and clients.