Marine Insurance Solutions

Whether on land or sea, we help provide protection for the full range of risks unique to marine operations.

Marine Insurance Solutions

No matter what aspect of marine operations your business is involved in, you need protection against the many risks you can face. MSIG USA is uniquely suited to help.

MSIG USA has provided comprehensive, customized inland and ocean marine insurance solutions to organizations across the globe since 1957, so we understand the unique risks you’re likely to encounter. As the US-based subsidiary of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc., with A+ ratings, a 350-year heritage, and a reach that spans 40+ countries and regions, we bring the financial strength, stability, and underwriting excellence to offer marine coverages that protect your assets and reduce your exposure, tailored to how you do business.

MSIG USA offers admitted and non-admitted options on a primary, shared, or layered basis, with waterborne and international coverage, and the option to cover certain supporting property and casualty exposures related to marine operations. We offer marine coverage for US-domiciled businesses and US-based subsidiaries of foreign-domiciled companies, for marine risks of any size.

Reduce your risk with our Inland Marine solutions

MSIG USA provides tailored inland marine insurance solutions for a wide range of businesses with inland marine operations—from companies in construction, transportation and logistics, shipbuilding and repair, energy, manufacturing, ports and terminals, and trucking, to businesses that deal in fine art.

Tap our extensive Ocean Marine expertise

MSIG USA is well-versed in the unique exposures that arise in a maritime environment and brings the underwriting excellence and expertise to protect your business from the most likely risks. We provide tailored ocean marine coverage for cargo, hull, and marine liability for businesses across the ocean marine spectrum.