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MSIG USA goes beyond providing insurance policies. We’re dedicated to ensuring you have the information you need to reduce risk, stay on top of claims and losses, and make informed decisions about protecting your business assets. Check our Resources section regularly for content that is practical, relevant, and beneficial to your business.


Information about our latest initiatives, newest offerings, and current corporate activities.

Claims Resources

A wealth of useful resources designed to keep you informed of your claim and ensure the process moves forward smoothly.

Report a Fire Protection Impairment

When your facility has a fire protection system impairment, MSIG USA can help you properly manage it and stay compliant.

Workers’ Compensation Documents

To further assist you, MSIG provides helpful workers’ compensation documents for your business.

Risk Engineering Resources

The place to find informative safety bulletins, training videos, guidelines, and checklists, along with ergonomic tools and much more.