Fiduciary Liability

We help protect your company from the many forms of fiduciary liability, allowing individual fiduciaries to fulfill their duties with confidence.

If your company offers employee benefits, fiduciary liability insurance is an important component of protecting your firm, your fiduciaries, and ultimately your plan participants. This coverage is typically associated with defined benefit pension plans and defined contribution plans such as a 401(k), and it can also extend to stock option plans and various wellness benefits.

With litigation in this area continuing to evolve and growing increasingly complex, it takes a strong partner to help you navigate the landscape. That’s why leading businesses around the world turn to MSIG USA for fiduciary liability insurance that helps protect against the growing exposure to claims arising from fiduciary responsibilities in administering benefit plans.

We’re highly experienced in assessing an organization’s plans and procedures, identifying both the routine and more complex risks, and providing coverage you can rely on. Working jointly with your brokerage partner, we help ensure you obtain coverage that addresses your key exposures, tailored to your sponsored plans.

Our fiduciary liability insurance can protect your company against fiduciary mismanagement associated with company-sponsored plans, including wrongful denial or improper changes in benefits, failure to administer the plan according to plan documents, conflicts of interest and prohibited transactions, and settlor responsibilities, along with activities associated with newly created, acquired, or merged plans and other errors or omissions in plan administration.