Employee Profile: Nahid Nodoust

Nahid Nodoust is a valuable professional at Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U.S.A.), Inc.  (MSIG) Nahid’s vast expertise and extensive track record has her performing several important roles with the company. Having joined MSIG in 2013, her primary role is a leader in the Risk Engineering department. She has also been appointed as Diversity Officer.

Nahid joined MSIG to leverage her full potential as a proven leader and industry professional in Risk Engineering. Nahid wanted to work for an employer that would allow her to thrive.

‘More than a number’

“I wanted to be more than a number,” Nahid said, referring to why she decided to come to MSIG. With her previous employer, she felt like a small fish in a vast ocean. While MSIG is also a major carrier, she’d heard from friends and colleagues that MSIG really prioritized their staff.

“I didn’t necessarily want to be recognized; I wanted to be able to make a difference that would be for the betterment of the company,” Nahid said.

Part of the way she’s making a difference is through teaching, particularly for individuals who may be new to the company.

“A lot of what I do day to day is project based,” Nahid said. “This means that I will complete various projects not only for risk engineering but also other groups in the company that may need assistance in terms of resources, guides, training and things of that nature.”

Like many other positions at MSIG, risk engineering involves a multidisciplinary approach. Depending on the client and the insurance type, staff in risk engineering perform training sessions for policyholders in loss prevention techniques.

Each day brings something new

Nahid enjoys that each day can bring a wide array of assignments, which is what she really loves about MSIG. One day, she’ll be engaged in putting the finishing touches to a marina report format guide. Twenty four hours later she may be preparing reports for a staff meeting.

“Each ‘day in the life’ looks very different for me,” Nahid said. “Almost every day.”

Nahid has also served as MSIG’s Diversity Officer for the last two years. Native to Iran and emigrating from the country in 1978, Nahid noted that her role as Diversity Officer is something she takes very seriously and is personal for her.

“As a Diversity Officer [at MSIG], my role is to develop and implement diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives within our organization,” Nahid related. “My purpose is to advance diversity and inclusion as core values of our organization’s culture. I work with senior management to move our initiatives forward.”

Employees spread their wings at MSIG
Nahid said she’s always been treated like she matters at MSIG and the company wants to ensure that everyone who works here feels the same way. The organization gives her all the resources and flexibility she needs toward this end.

“My responsibility is to think of ways to engage employees, support our existing talents and assist HR efforts in recruiting diverse talents,” Nahid added. “Together we ensure that all employees have a sense of belonging, that they are heard and that they matter — regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age or disabilities.”

Nahid said that MSIG is a great place to work for any industry professional that wants to be part of something special — and who are made to feel special as well.

“[MSIG] is a place to be able to spread your wings and not be a number,” Nahid stressed. “The people here listen and I have heard feedback from others that I matter in this organization. I matter to this company.”

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