Commercial Crime and Financial Institutions Fidelity

We help protect your company from the most common forms of theft and employee dishonesty, by providing best practices, defense, and restitution.

Theft and employee dishonesty manifest in many forms, including employee theft, forgery, robbery, property destruction or damage, funds transfer, social engineering (impersonation fraud), computer crime, and counterfeiting. To help protect against the growing exposure to claims such as these, which can arise from your everyday operations, leading businesses around the world turn to MSIG USA for crime and fidelity insurance.

We’re highly experienced in assessing your organization’s processes, identifying both the routine and more complex risks, and providing coverage you can rely on. We can tailor commercial crime and fidelity coverage terms to your specific operations and the tactics bad actors deploy with increasing ingenuity. We also work jointly with your brokerage partner to coordinate crime and fidelity coverage with other pertinent policies, such as certain forms of cyber liability.