Premium Audit

Help gain confidence that you’re always paying the correct premium, based on your records and your operations.

When you purchase certain types of coverage, like workers’ compensation and general liability insurance, your premiums are estimated at the start of the policy term. At the end of that term, a comprehensive audit confirms that the premiums you paid were accurate.

MSIG USA has the experience and knowledge to conduct a rigorous premium audit. We conduct premium audits on all workers’ compensation policies in compliance with state regulations, and we audit all general liability policies that our underwriting department determines to be auditable at the policy’s inception.


MSIG USA audits provide you with peace of mind

The MSIG USA Premium Audit Department will conduct a comprehensive audit of your operations at the end of your policy term, for two purposes:

  • To ensure your premiums are accurate, drawing data from your payroll, sales, and other records.
  • To determine if the class codes on your policy reflect your operations accurately.

Often, our premium audits uncover information about your business that can be especially valuable to running the company, including details your team might not be aware of.

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Our audit process ensures accuracy

MSIG USA conducts premium audits in one of two ways: through our in-house team or one of our highly qualified third-party partners. Your business’s operations and premium size will determine which approach we take to conducting your audit.

Before the audit process begins, we ensure you know exactly which records we’ll need, such as payroll, ledgers, tax information, records on contractors and subcontractors, and many other reports. By keeping complete and accurate records in the normal course of your operations, you’ll be well-prepared to provide what we need when it’s time for your premium audit.

For every audit we undertake, whether it’s conducted in-house or via a partner, the MSIG USA team reviews the audit results rigorously for accuracy and thoroughness. Our review process includes examining all non-auditable charges and deposit premium results. After our review is complete, we provide the results to your insurance broker.


We partner with the best in the business

MSIG USA teams up industry-leading third-party providers to deliver the best possible auditing service. Our Premium Audit partners include:


Our audit team is here to help

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