Report a Fire Protection Impairment

Report A Fire Protection Impairment

Handling impairments properly is essential to sound risk management. An impairment occurs when a fire protection equipment device (such as an automatic sprinkler system, fixed extinguishing system, automatic fire alarm system, or fire pump) is taken out of service partially or completely. When that happens, your property may not be protected adequately, increasing your potential for a large property loss if a fire occurs. Most fire protection system failures result from an impairment, and the most common type is a closed sprinkler valve.

When your facility has a fire protection system impairment, MSIG USA can help you properly manage it and stay compliant. In the event of an impairment:

1. Download the Impairment Notification Form, complete the Step #1 sections, email it to, and save a copy for the restoration update.
2. Once your impairment is restored, update the Impairment Notification Form by completing step #2 and email the form to

MSIG USA offers the following additional impairment resources, all available in digital and print format:

  • Complete Impairment Kit
  • Notification Procedures
  • Impairment Tags and Stickers