Ocean Marine Insurance

MSIG USA is the right partner to protect against the unique exposures you’ll face in a maritime environment.

Fire, flood, severe weather, containers that fall off the shipping vessel, injury to your employees or other parties, damage to property of others in your care, custody and control, and other incidents can place your mission-critical deliverables in jeopardy. As one of the largest marine insurance providers—and the US-based subsidiary of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc., with A+ ratings, a 350-year heritage, and a reach that spans 40+ countries and regions—MSIG USA brings the underwriting excellence and expertise to protect against these and other ocean marine risks.

We provide tailored ocean marine coverage for cargo, hull, and marine liability for a wide spectrum of businesses, from vessel owners and operators to shipbuilders and repairers, manufacturers, oil and gas contractors and subcontractors, charter companies, marine construction companies, transportation and logistics businesses, marinas and boat dealers, and ports and terminals. Whether you are a US-domiciled business or a US-based subsidiary of a foreign-domiciled company, MSIG USA can provide an ocean marine solution that addresses your unique exposures tailored to your operations.

Your frequently asked Ocean Marine insurance questions answered

Q: Does MSIG USA offer cargo stock-throughput coverage?

Yes. A cargo stock-throughput (STP) policy is a hybrid ocean marine product that homogenizes coverage for international transit, domestic transit and stock/inventory which is not in due course of transit. Risk managers prefer cargo STPs as they provide seamless coverage for goods in transit and storage anywhere in the world and on any type of conveyance (such as vessel, air, truck, or rail). While stock coverage may be included in a property policy, it is sometimes difficult to extend that coverage to stock at non-owned warehouses. The MSIG USA cargo team has the expertise to evaluate these risks and offer insurance programs that fit your needs.

Q: What is marine comprehensive liability insurance?

Marine comprehensive liability (sometimes referred to as marine general liability) is designed to provide seamless coverage for both commercial general liability (CGL) and various admiralty exposures unique to marine industries. In addition to traditional CGL coverage, the policy provides specific admiralty coverages for exposures often present for stevedores, ship repairers, marine terminals, marine contractors, and other unique marine industries. These policies fill the gaps often excluded in non-marine CGL policies, including coverage for property of others in your care, custody, and control. MSIG USA’s marine team has the expertise to understand your needs and create an insurance program tailored to your specific exposures.

Q: What kind of ocean marine coverage does MSIG USA offer?

MSIG USA offers a full spectrum of commercial ocean marine coverage tailored to your specific exposures and needs. These include cargo, hull, marine comprehensive liability, protection & indemnity, maritime employers liability, excess marine liability, and other policies addressing unique marine exposures. Marine exposures are not only present in traditional maritime industries such as vessel operators, shipyards, marine terminals, stevedores, marinas, and marine contractors, but may include manufacturers, distributors, and other key supply chain components. MSIG USA has the knowledge and deep experience to provide competitive programs that meet your needs.

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