Optimizing Resiliency with Strategic and Comprehensive Risk Engineering

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations of all sizes and across all industries are faced with an array of risks. From the more traditional risks such as workplace injuries and liability, to contemporary challenges like cyberattacks and global disruptions, the need for strategic and comprehensive risk engineering has never been more critical.

Shawn Knowles is the SVP – Director of Risk Engineering at MSIG USA. An industry veteran with a long-proven track record, Shawn oversees a deep bench of insurance professionals, including four Risk Engineering Managers — each of whom is also responsible for lines of business — and a growing staff of fourteen field consultants.

Under Shawn’s direction, MSIG USA’s Risk Engineering department strives to bring more predictability to businesses trying to prepare for the unknown through results-oriented solutions.

Preventive: Fundamentals of Modern Risk Engineering

At the heart of effective risk management lies the concept of preventive solutions. It’s a proactive approach that can make a world of difference in safeguarding an organization against an uncertain future. While it is impossible to eliminate all risks, taking measures to reduce their probability and magnitude is essential.

Prevention, achieved through rigorous risk assessments and reviews by a reputable and reliable risk management partner, is an organization’s first line of defense. By evaluating potential risks far in advance and implementing necessary preventive measures, businesses can protect themselves in the short, medium, and long term.

Expecting the Unexpected

And what about unexpected events like a hurricane or ice storm, causing property damage in an area where such storms are historically rare? In this case, a combination of immediate action, comprehensive insurance, and guidance from a risk engineering professional can help an organization prepare, recover and plan for the future. No matter the nature of the risks an organization faces, it is essential to address both short-term and long-term considerations to ensure resilience and continuity.

At MSIG USA, Shawn’s team understands the dynamic nature of risks and the need for vigilance in protecting against them, as well as the forward-thinking innovative solutions to mitigate them. The team collaborates closely with businesses in various industries, taking a proactive approach in identifying, diminishing, and potentially eliminating key loss sources while reducing companies’ risk profiles.

“Our goal,” Shawn explains, “is to improve each client’s risk tolerance by helping them to more effectively manage their exposures to known and potential perils, costs, and resource burdens.” MSIG USA’s assessment process and partnership begins with a comprehensive review of a client’s risk profile, followed by a physical site survey to identify key loss sources and hazards. 

On-Site Survey Process

The on-site survey process is a crucial aspect of MSIG USA’s risk engineering services. When the Risk Engineer arrives on-site, they meet with the local contacts, ideally including a decision maker to gather data, review past losses, and inquire about current operations and upcoming changes. During this meeting, the team may introduce outside tools and services that could enhance operations and safety protocols.

A physical hazard assessment of the operations is then conducted, identifying and reviewing areas tied to key loss sources. Says Shawn, “We help the client pinpoint exposures and hazards and collaborate with them on potential solutions, offering improvement opportunities ranging from simple fixes to administrative and engineering controls.”

At the conclusion of the assessment, MSIG USA reconvenes with the management team onsite in a controlled environment to present findings and any identified improvement opportunities as well as a timetable for their implementation.

“Our approach ensures that the site surveys are collaborative and inclusive,” states Shawn. “We provide tailored recommendations, ranging from “quick fixes” to complex engineering solutions that can be supported by a cost-benefit analysis.”

Post-Survey Support

MSIG USA’s commitment to clients extends beyond the initial survey and recommendation phase. Shawn and his team provide ongoing oversight and support during the implementation of specific mitigation strategies to assist client organizations in their efforts to remain compliant and safe.

“The level of support we offer post-survey and post-recommendation is tailored to the client’s unique needs and the scope of the project or recommendations. We routinely follow up with clients to secure compliance, with follow-up points at 30, 60, and 90 days. During these follow-ups, we review the progress of the remediation of the recommendations, providing ongoing support to ensure that the measures are effectively implemented.”

Going the Extra Mile

MSIG USA’s team even goes the extra mile by partnering with vendors who offer a wide range of risk prevention solutions, including cutting-edge technologies like AI-powered telematics platforms, Ergonomics and Industrial Hygiene services to ensure clients have what they need for maximum resiliency in the face of risk exposure. “Our clients view us as an extension of their Risk Management Team, providing ongoing service at individual clients’ sites and helping to improve and impact their overall loss costs by identifying and then mitigating or eliminating key loss sources,” says Shawn.

Commitment to Consistency and Innovation

What sets MSIG USA apart is its unwavering commitment to consistency, providing critical expertise, extensive commercial coverage, and innovative solutions that leverage new technologies such as Telematics and AI, to help organizations implement the most effective preventive control measures for their unique situation. 

Reputation Is Key

In a world filled with uncertainty, MSIG USA is recognized as a steadfast partner, dedicated to helping organizations optimize resiliency through strategic and comprehensive risk engineering.

States Shawn, “The strength of our client relationships and expertise provided are a big factor in our customers’ decisions to remain with us long-term.”

All are invited to contact MSIG USA’s Risk Engineering Department today to learn more about our services and to initiate the process of scheduling a risk assessment.

MSIG USA is the marketing name used to refer to certain underwriting subsidiaries of MSIG Holdings (U.S.A.), Inc. (“MSIGH”), and its subsidiary companies. U.S. Companies Only: MSIG insurers are subsidiaries of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited, a member of MS & AD Insurance Group. MSIG refers to the insurers underwriting coverage: Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company of America, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance USA Inc. and MSIG Specialty Insurance USA Inc