Ocean marine insurance, covering ships, cargo and so much more

When one hears the word “Marine,” it is only natural to think of the water.  When it comes to MSIG insurance, however, the term can refer to either Ocean Marine or Inland Marine insurance.

From an Ocean Marine standpoint, we insure boats and ships including tugboats, dredges, barges and many other types of vessels via a Hull policy.  We can also insure the cargo contained on these vessels via a Cargo policy. Additionally, our Ocean Marine team provides policies that insure the liability associated with operating these vessels including crew/passenger injury, collision liability, tower’s liability, removal of wreck and limited pollution liability.  MSIG can also insure legal liabilities as an employer under the Jones Act or the General Maritime Law of the United States, including maintenance and cure, bodily injury, and wrongful death using a Maritime Employer’s Liability policy. Our Marine Comprehensive Liability product combines a traditional CGL with many of these unique marine products to provide seamless marine liability insurance.

There are other types of Ocean Marine insurance available as well, so please reach out to us via our website and we will respond as quickly as possible to help tailor a policy for your client’s exposures.

With regard to Inland Marine, we offer a host of products, including operating insurance for mobile equipment; Warehouseman’s Legal Liability insuring a warehouseman’s responsibility for goods in their care, custody and control; Motor Truck Cargo for goods that are hauled via trucks; Rolling Stock and Rail insurance, including leased railcars, for exposures associated with railroads. Our Inland team also offers Builder’s Risk policies, which insure the construction of a building and all of the materials and supplies needed to do so.

MSIG delivers outstanding customer service and expertise to marine insurance

MSIG offers both of its marine insurance product lines, inland marine and ocean marine, with the same level of top-notch customer service and expertise.

MSIG’s Inland marine product, which generally insures the transportation of goods, mobile equipment or property in land-based vehicles, is designed to help individuals and businesses protect their property and investments. We write all commercial inland marine classes and our underwriters and risk engineers work closely to develop a customized package that’s tailored to our customers’ unique risks and industry.

Meanwhile, our Ocean Marine insurance product line helps customers mitigate risk as they ship items or travel across foreign or domestic waters or operate in the marine environment. MSIG offers comprehensive ocean marine insurance that’s customized to the insured’s specific risks. In the event of claim, the MSIG Ocean Marine Claims Unit is part of a global network of more than 290 adjusting and surveying offices. MSIG’s international presence and local expertise gives businesses the support they need to succeed in domestic and international waters.

“Our Marine department aims to provide quality underwriting and claims expertise that truly adds value to our customers,” said MSIG’s Jeff Kaufmann, Vice President and National Underwriting Executive – Marine.  “One way we do this is by combining both our Inland Marine and Ocean Marine expertise in one unit to provide the best solution tailored for each client, which may also include some supporting property and casualty lines.  We like to get to know our customers and work with them to create an appropriate solution to eliminate gaps and meet their unique risk management needs.  Our experienced team prizes those relationships and works hard to exceed customer service expectations.”

We have many products available, so please contact us via our website so you can discuss your particular client’s needs with one of our team members today.

MSIG refers to the U.S. subsidiary insurers of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited, a member of MS & AD Insurance Group. Not all insurers do business in all jurisdictions. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued. The insurers are managed by Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U.S.A.), Inc. with offices at 15 Independence Boulevard, P.O. Box 4602, Warren, NJ 07059-0602, USA.