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Peace of Mind With Your Online Insurance Claim

Once a claim has been reported, you can view its progress in our secure online environment.

Claim Inquiry is a web-based application that provides quick and easy access to your claim files. With your login credentials, you will have 24/7, view-only access to claim status reports, claim notes, and financial information for every line of business written.

Designing this system with your needs in mind, we believe you will find Claim Inquiry to be a user-friendly, invaluable tool for your business.

For security purposes, all data contained in Claim Inquiry is encrypted. As a customer of MSIG and an authorized user, you will have direct access to the system. To create a user account, click here, and complete the registration form.

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  • To ensure you are receiving the latest updates, please use the login button below to access Claim Inquiry.
  • Chrome is the recommended browser when accessing Claim Inquiry
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