June 21, 2018

Here is a company that knows customer satisfaction begins with employee satisfaction. In my 7 years with MSMM, I’ve received an array of training tailored to keep me informed of what the current privacy practices are: good vs. bad business ethics, how to best please our customers, etc. On a more personal level, I’ve been introduced to cultures other than my own. Japan is a country rich with meaningful, colorful customs/traditions and, throughout the year, events are held for us to learn more about them through celebration. The company, overall, can boast an incredibly diverse workforce. That said, having to work with and for a variety of personalities helps me to remain open and flexible to people around me. With the culture of the workspace being as warm as it is, individual employees find themselves in better positions to extend that same warmth during business dealings. No matter what career path you choose, you want to LIKE where you have to go every day. I can honestly say I’m happy to be here.