July 31, 2020

As MS&AD Insurance Group celebrates its 10th anniversary, President and CEO Noriyuki Hara says the challenges the company has surmounted during its first decade have made it more resilient and focused on achieving its future sustainable development goals.

Through international expansion and increased profitability, consolidated net premiums have grown 1.4 times, and projected adjusted profit for the 2021 fiscal year is about six times larger than it was when the group was established in 2010.

During global challenges such as natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic, MS&AD Insurance Group has strengthened its products and services, catastrophe prevention protocols and risk management techniques and developed faster and more efficient claim payment methods. With these improvements, the team is poised to continue focusing on three key strategies in the Vision 2021 medium-term management plan that began in fiscal 2018:

  • Pursue the comprehensive strengths
  • Promote digitization
  • Reform portfolio

In his message, Hara thanks all stakeholders for supporting the sustainable development of society and the sustainable growth of the company. Read it here.

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