May 5, 2022

From the time Benson Ye landed his interview with MSIG, he knew this was where he wanted to be. In Ye’s eyes, MSIG’s reputation as a top insurance company preceded itself and just the idea of having an opportunity to work there excited him.

“(MSIG) is a very well-known company in the industry,” Ye, an Assistant Claims Manager at MSIG said. “My first impression was that I could learn and grow in this company.”

Exceeding his expectations

Ye envisioned a positive working experience when he joined MSIG and after four years, he is yet to be disappointed. One of his favorite things about working for MSIG is that the company takes time to recognize his and his colleagues’ hard work—something that was not as common with other employers.

“This company recognizes your effort, success and will help you grow,” Ye said. “This has made me more comfortable and helped me achieve what I’m capable of.”

Alongside the recognition, Ye noted he appreciates the positive working environment that MSIG provides. His manager and co-workers alike are always offering encouragement and cheering him on.  Whenever Ye faces a challenging task that he thinks he can’t accomplish, his teammates are there to let him know that he can succeed.

Additionally, the company works to help its staff visualize its success. Ye noted MSIG’s strong appraisal system that helps employees establish clear goals. The company not only puts employee goals in place, but also explains how employees can best meet them. Setting up that road map initially makes it easier for everyone to take on challenges and in the end feel a sense of accomplishment once those preset goals have been met.

“I think that’s super important for the employee,” Ye said. “Especially with younger employees like me, because I don’t know this industry. I have limited experience, but it’s good to have a mentor who can guide you to not take a shortcut, but give tips on how you can obtain success.”

Employee accomplishments aren’t just recognized at MSIG, but celebrated. MSIG publishes a pair of inter-company magazines that put employees’ successes front and center. This could be accomplishments like creating something great for the company or getting stellar feedback from a customer.  Or for Ye, the American Institute of Marine Underwriters presented him with the American Marine Claims Award in 2020.

“(Company recognition) will really motivate you to go out and keep doing good work,” Ye said. “I was featured in both magazines. When I saw my post, I said, ‘They notice me, they recognize me and how hard I work.’ At other companies you can do a lot of hard work, but it’s not appreciated. It is at this company.”

MSIG’s efforts to advance employees in their career has also impressed Ye. He began as a mid-level employee and now finds himself in a management position. The faith MSIG has shown in Ye has made him want to help his colleagues and continue to do right by the company.

“When you’re put in a different position, you have different thoughts, right?” Ye said. “When they put me in this position, in addition to helping my colleagues, I also want to help my company improve. I don’t know why I had this kind of thought, but I believe it’s because the company has treated me well.”

Ye has seen his professional future, and MSIG is in it

If a potential new hire asked Ye about working at MSIG, he would not hesitate to encourage them to take the job. The positive working atmosphere and the company’s ongoing desire to be an industry leader had made it an ideal landing spot for anyone looking for a fulfilling career, according to Ye.

“If you join this company, you will stand on the shoulders of a giant and they will help you see farther and you’ll have a different view and get the whole picture of this industry,” he said. “You’ll feel very happy and comfortable that you are a part of it.”

Four years into his tenure with MSIG, Ye has no interest in seeking employment elsewhere. He wants to use all of the training and education MSIG has provided him to help better the company. He admitted that other companies have reached out to him, but he’d much rather stay at the place where he feels like family.

“(MSIG) has given me a very clear direction of how to succeed,” he said. “I don’t want to take a risk going outside, even if there’s an opportunity. The salary is fair here and they treat me well. I think that if you want to be a success, join us here. We can all grow together and you can help make us stronger.”

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 MSIG refers to the U.S. subsidiary insurers of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited, a member of MS & AD Insurance Group. The insurers are managed by Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U.S.A.), Inc. with offices at 15 Independence Boulevard, P.O. Box 4602, Warren, NJ 07059-0602, USA.

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